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Hire employment law expert Mike Ivancie


Mike Ivancie, Esq. has years of experience as a practicing federal attorney.

He is committed to getting good outcomes for his clients.

Real experience. Real results.

Mr. Ivancie formerly worked for U.S. Customs and Border protection and has experience handling complex trade and customs law matters.

Our practice will work with clients within their budgets, whether that be through payment plans, or hybrid fee arrangements. However, at this time we are not accepting any new contingent-fee cases.

Mr. Ivancie has valuable insight into the workings of federal employment law.

He knows how agencies approach their employees and handle complicated employment cases. He knows their settlement tactics and he is familiar with the procedural and substantive complexities of Federal Sector EEOC and MSPB cases.

All this experience allows Mr. Ivancie to provide great value while delivering great outcomes for his clients.

He was once on the other side of the aisle, now he is on yours.

Email: Consults@IvancieLaw.com