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The Ivancie Law Practice specializes in representing federal employees before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). We represent federal employees across the country, from California to Washington DC.

If you are a federal employee and have been served with a disciplinary action, or already have a case before the Merit Systems Protection Board MSPB you need to hire an experienced attorney to handle your case. The MSPB is a unique administrative body with different rules than other forums.

Practicing before the MSPB is different than practicing in state court. You cannot just hire any employment lawyer. If you do, you risk having a representative that isn’t familiar with all the special rules that govern cases at the MSPB. Moreover, the deadlines are short and missing them can spell disaster for your case. I’ve seen multiple clients that have received bad advice from state attorneys that were not familiar with the unique rules of the MSPB and public-sector employment law, make sure you choose a knowledgeable advocate for your MSPB case.

Hire an experienced MSPB attorney. Choose San Diego Attorney, Mike Ivancie to handle your Merit Systems Protection Board appeal.

What type of MSPB cases do you take?

  • All Adverse Actions
  • Suspensions in excess of 14 days
  • Removals
  • Reductions in pay or grade
  • Whistleblower appeals – Individual Right of Action IRA appeals
  • Suitability determinations
  • Performance-based removals
  • Probationary Employee Terminations (limited jurisdiction)
  • Mixed-case appeals including allegations of discrimination
  • If you don’t see your case type listed above, it doesn’t mean we don’t handle that type of case. Call us and we can discuss whether we can assist you with your case.

Your representative should have experience handling public sector employment law cases

Our law practice focuses on employment law, and specifically, public sector employment law. This means we have expertise related to special administrative bodies like the MPSB. We are familiar with the procedural rules that govern, and we know how to use those rules to the benefit of our clients. While the MSPB allows you to pick any representative you like, including non-attorneys, it is strongly recommended that you hire someone that is familiar with the rules and procedures of the MSPB. Read our founder’s biography.

Your Attorney should be knowledgeable about MSPB cases and regulations

We have experience representing both agencies and employees at the MSPB. We have real world experience from both sides of the bench. We have dealt with MSPB Administrative Judges and understand their dockets and their inclinations, and can leverage this knowledge to your advantage.

We demonstrate our knowledge of the MSPB and its rules with our extensive writing on the topic:

The Federal Employee’s Attorney

We care about our clients and we want to get them the best outcomes possible. The competitive advantage of The Ivancie Law Practice is that our founder, J. Mike Ivancie, Esq. formerly worked for a federal agency where he handled MSPB cases on behalf of the federal government. He knows how federal agencies approach these cases. He knows where they make common mistakes. He also knows the settlement value of cases and he will work to get you the best deal should settlement present itself.

If you are facing discipline, including a lengthy suspension or removal from the federal service you need to pick your advocate carefully. Having previously worked to sustain disciplinary actions against employees I know the process and I know how stressful it can be for employees. I will work with you to resolve your case quickly and favorably.

A Lawyer that can pay for himself

The Ivancie Law Practice can work with you to find a fee arrangement that fits your needs. In some cases, we even offer contingent fee agreements where we don’t get paid unless we win your case. Further, the MSPB allows for the award of attorney’s fees in the event that you prevail against the agency. If the Ivancie Law Practice helps you win your case and there is an attorney’s fee award, we will agree to refund you any up-front fee you paid us. Representation at no cost to you. We provide experience and value.

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